Replanting Fire Damaged Peat Cell 3: 20 Volunteers needed!

Replanting Fire Damaged Peat Cell 3
Saturday, November 16th @ 10am, rain or shine

Two years after the underground peat fire in Roxhill Park, the community has successfully organized with the Green Seattle Partnership, the delivery of 300 native grasses, ferns and perennial plants to restore the damaged area. is seeking at least 20 volunteers to assist with planting on Saturday, November 16th. Bring gardening gloves and wear warm outdoor clothing. Shovels,  warm drinks and snacks will be provided.

We’ll meet near the restroom and parking lot along 29th Ave SW, across the street from 9227 29th Ave SW. If you arrive a little later, the planting site can easily be found looking directly east from the playground and parking lot.

Register here for a head count and more details about the location.

Roxhill Park World Music Festival! Sunday, September 8th

Roxhill Park World Music Festival – Free!

Sunday September 8, 2019

1 pm to 5 pm

Roxhill Park playground- 29th Ave SW at SW Barton St


Join friend and neighbors to enjoy the dynamic sounds of Kouyate Arts and Global Heat along with Joyas Mestizas dance group, community performances and kids activities (drum tent and hula hooping). Tony B of Rainier Avenue Radio to EmCee.

Please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on.

Pacific Chorus Frogs Return

Today’s post is written by a special friend of Roxhill Park, Jeanie Murphy Ouellette who works as Public Education Program Specialist at Camp Long.

On April 20th, 2019, just in time for the Duwamish Alive Festival where I was leading tours of the Roxhill Bog at Roxhill Park, the official state amphibian of Washington, Pacific Chorus frogs, were heard calling in the area that has the most abundant water in the Roxhill Bog – Cell 5.

Pacific Chorus Frog

Scott Blackstock, Forest Steward for Roxhill Bog and Park, heard them first.  He said he hadn’t heard that sound in 20 years. We went and listened to them and by their call, I identified them as Pacific Chorus Frogs.  I work as an environmental educator for Seattle Parks Environmental Sustainability, Education and Engagement Unit out of Camp Long in West Seattle.

Mid-April is when mating season is at its peak for these delightful beings, heard all over Seattle in wetland areas like Magnuson Park and Carkeek Park in North Seattle, and Discovery Park.  Adult pacific treefrogs are generally 3.0 to 4.5 cm (1 to 2 inches) long and on average, females are larger than males.

Their other common name is Pacific Treefrog, Pseudacris regilla (formerly Hyla regilla). They can come in a variety of colors – brown, tan, grey or green- but their distinguishing characteristics are the toepads that they have on their front and hind toes to allow them to climb trees and shrubs in search of insects, and the dark eye stripe running through their eyes from the nostril to the tympanum (ear).  There are no other frogs found in the geographic range of the Pacific Treefrogs that have these defining characteristics.

We are not certain as to how they got there, but one of the people on The Roxhill Bog Tour said he knows of a wetland just south of Roxhill Bog where he hears them calling. Perhaps they came from that wetland?

However, that they got there, they are a good indicator species for the bog – and a welcome asset for people concerned that the bog is drying out.  

Learn more about Pacific Chorus Frogs

Written by Jeanie Murphy Ouellette
Public Education Program Specialist
Seattle Parks Environmental Sustainability, Education and Engagement Unit
Camp Long

Looking ahead for 2019: Roxhill Park is Getting Better and Better for Everyone!

From our first newsletter of 2019:

Thanks to the Seattle Parks Commons Program, in ten short months the Roxhill Park Champions accomplished the following in 2018:

Less than one year ago, a handful of neighbors got together with Seattle Parks to focus on three Goals: To Build Community, Increase Safety and Support Stewardship of our beloved Roxhill Park.  We started small, and scrappy, and at a loss where to begin!
Check out what we’ve accomplished in 2018 and where we’re going in 2019:

Established goal oriented partner and stakeholder relationships with both new and existing partners and stakeholders for stewardship and safety:

Seattle Parks Commons Program
Seattle Parks Maintenance Department
The Seattle Parks Foundation
Green Seattle Partnership
Seattle Neighborhood Group
Seattle Police Department Office of Community Policing

Secured grant funding for park physical improvements:

2018 Your Voice/Your Choice award for $88k to be spent on trail improvements scope phase starting now.

2018 Giving Tuesday crowd fundraising award in partnership with our Fiscal Sponsor Seattle Parks Foundation.

Rose Foundation Award to commence full hydrology study of the Roxhill Park wetland scope phase starting now.

Community building events:

First Community BBQ
First Community Outdoor Movie Night 

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re working on the following:

  • Working with the Green Seattle Partnership on our monthly work party stewardship and new planting parties in the year ahead!
  • Working with the Seattle Neighborhood Group on a community outreach, development and implementation of safety improvement program for the community and park on the corner of 27th SW/Cambridge
  • Working with the Seattle Parks Foundation to apply for a larger, complimentary grant to the Rose Foundation, to educate the public about the wetland and complete engineering corrections to the wetland (bog) based on the hydrology study findings.
  • Work with Parks and the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to source funding for a community based, updated vegetation management implementation plan in order to protect the native and rare species in the park wetland environment.
  • Continue to develop and apply for community-based grants to produce recreation and arts programs in the park Spring-Fall 2019. 
  • Continue to develop with our partners and stakeholders our multi-pronged, long term strategy to improve the social environment and trail safety of Roxhill Park overall.
  • Continue our outreach, to the community, stakeholders and new partners to keep up the amazing momentum we’ve established!