Arts Funding for 2019 – Fingers Crossed!

Roxhill Champions just submitted grant applications to the Office of Arts & Culture to support new program funding running Spring/Summer 2019 in our park.

Our vision is to bring the community together through a local music festival and annual film night.

Send out the good vibes for these awards! Grants will be announced Dec/Jan 2019 and Jan/Feb 2019.

You can learn about some of the Parks grants available here.



Roxhill Park Events: 2019 Events Planning in Progress

Welcome to the Roxhill Champions site!

We’re a group of neighborhood volunteers working to make our park cleaner, safer and full of fun events.

Check out our blog to see what events we archived in our first summer!

We’re now in the process of implementing safety improvements and planning our community events calendar for Spring/Summer 2019.

To keep in touch sign up for our email list, or get in touch to share your ideas for Roxhill!


Roxhill Park Wins Your Voice Your Choice Grant!

We are proud to announce that Roxhill Park has been awarded $80,000 towards trail improvements in the park!  Roxhill Park Champions will be working with the Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Parks and Recreation in November/December to provide community input on where these dollars could be best leveraged to fix our trails.


Want to get involved in the safety and stewardship of our park? Get in touch!