Looking ahead for 2019: Roxhill Park is Getting Better and Better for Everyone!

From our first newsletter of 2019:

Thanks to the Seattle Parks Commons Program, in ten short months the Roxhill Park Champions accomplished the following in 2018:

Less than one year ago, a handful of neighbors got together with Seattle Parks to focus on three Goals: To Build Community, Increase Safety and Support Stewardship of our beloved Roxhill Park.  We started small, and scrappy, and at a loss where to begin!
Check out what we’ve accomplished in 2018 and where we’re going in 2019:

Established goal oriented partner and stakeholder relationships with both new and existing partners and stakeholders for stewardship and safety:

Seattle Parks Commons Program
Seattle Parks Maintenance Department
The Seattle Parks Foundation
Green Seattle Partnership
Seattle Neighborhood Group
Seattle Police Department Office of Community Policing

Secured grant funding for park physical improvements:

2018 Your Voice/Your Choice award for $88k to be spent on trail improvements scope phase starting now.

2018 Giving Tuesday crowd fundraising award in partnership with our Fiscal Sponsor Seattle Parks Foundation.

Rose Foundation Award to commence full hydrology study of the Roxhill Park wetland scope phase starting now.

Community building events:

First Community BBQ
First Community Outdoor Movie Night 

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re working on the following:

  • Working with the Green Seattle Partnership on our monthly work party stewardship and new planting parties in the year ahead!
  • Working with the Seattle Neighborhood Group on a community outreach, development and implementation of safety improvement program for the community and park on the corner of 27th SW/Cambridge
  • Working with the Seattle Parks Foundation to apply for a larger, complimentary grant to the Rose Foundation, to educate the public about the wetland and complete engineering corrections to the wetland (bog) based on the hydrology study findings.
  • Work with Parks and the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to source funding for a community based, updated vegetation management implementation plan in order to protect the native and rare species in the park wetland environment.
  • Continue to develop and apply for community-based grants to produce recreation and arts programs in the park Spring-Fall 2019. 
  • Continue to develop with our partners and stakeholders our multi-pronged, long term strategy to improve the social environment and trail safety of Roxhill Park overall.
  • Continue our outreach, to the community, stakeholders and new partners to keep up the amazing momentum we’ve established!

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